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Ngaihchiatnak Thawng: Saya Siang Hmung Nih Mual A Kan Liam Tak

Ngaihchiatnak Thawng

Kan Laimi phun hawile hna,

Indiana Chin Baptist Church chungtel Saya Siang Hmung (Beaulah pa) nih tu zing (3/17/2019) ah mual a kan liam taak tiah thawng kan theih i Khrihfabu kan ngaihchia ngaingai.

Thlacamnak in ngaihchia mi chungkhar bawm cio hna usi law, ṭhutpinak le ruak fimtawl kong tibantuk cu thawng kan rak thanh ṭhan te lai.

Ref: Indiana Chin Baptist Church

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