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Zophei Pathawng Mang Thawng Lian Nih Van Ram Awr Cu Minute 2 Cung Cawlter Lo In Tenh Dawh Asi

Ka naupa Mang Thawng Lian(Zophei paih chimhtu) nih, ”Van Ram Awr hi nang nih na tengh than hlan ah kei nih kan tengh piak ta ko lai,” aka ti i tutan cu Van Ram Awr tenghtu ding caah ka naupa ka kianh. April 26 ah an i phomh te lai, a teimi kyat ting 5 le a sungmi kyat ting 1 pek a si lai.

Ka naupa Thawngthawng hi Van Ram Awr nakin pound 20 hrawng a rit deuh, lehmah 2 hrawng a sang deuh fawn. Laitlang um Zophei pathawng lakah paih a thiam bik a si. Van Ram Awr cu minute 2 cung cawlter dawh a si lo.

Hakha paih thiam bik le Zophei paih thiam bik an i phomh ding cu i ngeih um ngai ko. Ahonih dah a tei te hnga?

#Malaysia, Delhi, Yangon le ramhnihnak ummi nih paih kong ka tialmi tete na share lengmang ahcun free in zohter na si lai.

Ref: Salai Lung Thli Tum

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