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Thawngtha: 2019 December Ah Refugee Donghter Ding Cu A Dong Than Lai Lo

Bawi Khrih ah miphun hawi hna,

UNHCR nih auhmi refugee kongah March 4-5,2019 ah
Bangkok ah tonnak ngeih asi. Meeting kai kaa thawh lai ah thlacam ka cah bantuk in meeting ah issue pa 3 chim asi. 2019 December ah Rufugee case donghter ding,

2. Resettlement, 3. Malaysia a ummi Chin miphun zeibantuk status hmanh a ngeilomi kong asi.

Cu chimmi pa 3 chungin number 2 kan i zuam lai,
No 3 cu Malaysia cozah he nawlpatnak kan tuah lai.

No 1 2019 December ah refugee donghter ding timi cu donghter lo dingin kan i zuam lai’ tiah Alistair Boulton,
Assistant Regional Representative (Protection) pa nih a ka leh. Chim duhmi cu 2019 December ah refugee donghter ding cu a dong than lai lo’ tiah thawng kan thanh hna.

Chin miphun dihlak thlacamnak hi Bawipa nih a theih ko,
Pahnih halmi zong thlacam hna usih, Bawipa nih a herh ko’ ati ahcun tlam a tling ko lai.

Malaysia ah a ummi Chin refugee a tlaitu le peng le tlangkip hruaitu sinah March 7 ah nan refugee status 2019 December ah a dih than lai lo, extend tuah asi lai’ tiah meeting ah ka chimh hna. An i lawm ngaingai,
Chin phun kan i lawm ngai ve. Bawipa a lawmhtertu miphun si izuam usih. Zeibantuk thil kan ton zongah Thiang Thlarau sawm usih. Thiang Thlarau kan lawmhter ahcun kan cungah a tlungmi zeibantuk thil poah a tuarzia le a inzia kan thiam lai.

Bawipa nih Chin miphun thlachuah pe chin ko seh.

Ref: Thlaawr Bawihrin

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