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Hlasak Thiam Van Hlei Sung Hmanthlak Nih Mipi Thinlung A Lak Ngaingai

Hlasak thiam Van Hlei Sung hmanthlak nih mipi thinlung a lak ngai

Chinmi chung in chan thar mino hlasak thiam kan i ngeih mi Van Hlei Sung hmanthlak nih mipi thinlung a lak ngai hna.

Voi dang ah hamnthlak dawhdawh zong a post tawn ko nain tutan a hmanthlak tluk in mipi thinlung a la khomi a um lem lo. Tutan a hman thlak cu mipi thinlung a lak ngaingai hna. 5 hour chung ah comment le like a tam ngai.

Hlasak thaim Van Hlei Sung hi music video album aa chuah bal lo nain Youtube le Facebook video hmang in mipi nih biatak tein theih mi a si. A tu ahcun ramkip ah hlasak ah an sawmmi a si. Australia, USA le Malaysia hna ah a kal cang. A aw a tha bak an ti ciomi a si.

Van Hlei Sung fan poh nih share khawh a  si.

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