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Ralzam Camp Pawng Ah AA Le Kawl Ralkap An I Phomh

Ralzam camp pawng ah kahnak a chuak

Rakhine ramkulh Cohraw myone Wataung ralzam camp pawngah February 10, 2019 chun sml 2:00 hrawng ah khan raltuknak a um ruangah ralzam hna thinphang in an um ko tiah ralzam hna nih an chim.

Ralzam pawng ah chun sml 2 hrawng ah khan kahnak a chuak. Bomb puah thawng a thang, meithal kah thawng a thang. Thinphang in kan um. Ralzam hna hi kan zam than hau ding dirhmun in kan um ko” tiah ralzam pakhat nih a chim.

Wataung ralzam camp hi khuate 8 i fonnak ralzam camp a si i minung 1190 an umnak a si. Pa 616 le Nu 575, inn chungkhar 219 an um.

Rakhine ramkulh chung ahhin AA le Kawl cozah ralkap kahnak ruangah ralzam 6000 hrawng an um hna. DVB 

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