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Phakanh Ah Vawlei Cim Minung Tamtuk An Thi

Phakanh ah vawlei cim minung tamtuk an thi

Kachin ramkulh, Phakanh myone, Seihhmu ohsuh, Sapoh khuate pawng ah nizan chun ah khan lung mansung cawhnak khur a cimh ruangah minung 6 an nunnak a liam.

A thimi hna hi lungcawhnak tlang pang ah rian a tuanmi an si Sapoh khua ah khuami an si. A thimi minunh 5 ruak cu an hmuh cang nain minung pakhat ruak an hmu kho rih lo.

Lung an cawhnak tlang a hun cimh tikah Motor pakhat zong a nenh i a mongtu hliam a tuar.

A luan ciami February 4 ah khan Phakanh myone, Lungkhin khuate pawnf ah lunghring cawhnak khur a cim than i minung 50 hrawng an rak tlau. Phakanh myone lungmansung cawhnak hmun ahhin kum chiar tein vawlei cimhnak a chuak i minung tampi an nunnak a liam a tawn.


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