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Singer Sui Hlawn Rem Le Rev.Dr Samuel Hmangin Crusade An Thok Cang Lai

Malaysia ummi caah sawmnak, Tulio Pathian nih a hmangmi lakah Singer Sui Hlawn Rem nih Pathian hla leiin thawngtha a chim ve lai. Pathian bia in Rev. Dr. Samuel nih a bia in Thawngtha biatak a chim ve lai caah can um lio ah zeitin dah Pathian bia le hla ka lak khawh lai timi he rak chuak khawh cio dingin rak i zuam hram uh.

Tuzaan in Crusade kan ngei lai Pathian thangthat ti dingin kan in sawm hna Ahmun: Pudu Malaysia Believer Church asi lai

A Can:    8: 00 Pm in kan thok lai

Thazang la cio hna uhsih, Bawi khrih min in kan in sawm hna

Speaker                : Rev.Dr Samuel
Singer                   : Sui Hlawn Rem

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