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Vawlei Cung Minung 6 Million Leng Nih An Zoh Cangmi Chin Nute Hlasaknak

Vawlei cung minung 6 million leng nih an zoh cangmi Chin nute hlasaknak

Malalaysia ah a ummi Dawt Hlei Tlem ( Dawtmi ) mirang hla a sak mi cu nihin tiangah vawlei cung minung 6 million leng nih an zoh cang. Ting 67 reng lo nih an view cang. Share le comment a thong leng an phan.

Tu bantukin Dawtmi hlasak hi Laimi hlasatu vialte ha view a tambik a  si. Kawlram hlasa pawl hamnh nih view mah zat hi an hmu theng lem lai lo.

Dawtmi hi a mah zong muidawh te a  si i kum 9 te lawng a si rih. Laihla in music viedeo album zong ai chuah cangmi  a si. Uar a um kho taktak.

Because he lives | Dawt Hlei Tlem

God sent His son, they called Him JesusHe came to love, heal and forgiveHe lived and died to buy my pardonAn empty grave is there to prove my savior lives Because He lives, I can face tomorrowBecause He lives, all fear is goneBecause I know He holds the futureAnd life is worth the living, just because He lives How sweet to hold a newborn babyAnd feel the pride and joy He givesBut greater still the calm assuranceThis child can face uncertain day, because He livesSinger: Dawt Hlei Tlem (8 Years old) #Amen | Like — Friends of Jesus

Posted by Friends of Jesus on Friday, February 16, 2018

Miphun hna hmai ah biatak tein min a ngeih i a lar khawh venak hnga thazaang tampi pe chin hna usih. A hlasak mi zong hi share i zuam hna usih.

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