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Hniarlawn Cakei Uk Ling Thang: ‘Rung Lian Ceu He Kan I Paih Than Ah Cun Minute 10 Hlan Ah Ka Tei Lai’

Hniarlawn pathawng bik Ukling Thang cu tunai kha gym a kalnak live a thlah i Rung Lian Ceu he summer ah kan i paih than ah cun ka tei cang lai, minute 10 a rau lai lo tiah a chim.


Rung Lian Ceu minute 10 chung ah na tei lai maw timi biahalnak ah Ukling nih,”Ka tei cang lai.Atu ah kai thawk ka lawng si rih…(minute 10) rau lai lo, ka tei cang lai mu,” tiah a leh.

Atu lio Laipa lak ah Rung Lian Ceu, Uk Ling le Mang Cung Lian hi pathawng bik tiah theih an si. Uk Ling le Rung Lian cu November ah an i pai bal cang, Ukling a liang ai ilh i minute 30 chung ah an i tei kho lo, taangkop in an paihter hna i Runglian nih a tei.

An i paih than ahcun Uk Ling hi a liang ai ilh ti lai lo caah biatak tein a cawlcang kho cang lai, Rung Lian Ceu nih a tei te hnga maw tiah ruah awk um ngaimi a si.



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