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Tuza Myanmar Idol Ah Nilen Parmawi Hi I Tel Hram Kho Sehlaw, Interview An Tuah Nak In A Chim Mi Bia Cu Uar A Um Kho Tuk-Video

Nilen interview an halnak rak ngai ve, a biachim uar a um tuk. Tuzaan Myanmar Idol ah ”Pantene Wild Card” in a dohdah a kai hnga, mizei ko dah top 4 zuamnak ah a lut kho te hnga timi cu mipi nih hmuh le theih an I ngeih tuk cio mi asi.

Mah hi kong he pehtlai in Interview an tuah hna, an chim cio mi cu, an fans pawl hna sinah a lunglomh nak bia an chim mi hi asi. Asinain Kan farnu Nilen nih achim mi te hi cu uar a um khun in ka thei.

Pumpak cio nih ”Pantene Wild Card” in teinak hmuh cu kan duhtuk cio ko tiah an chim cio i thazaang a rak petu mipi sin an i lomhnak zong an langhter cio.

Cu bantuk in Nilen zong nih thazaang a petu mipi cungah aa lomhnak, ”Pantene Wild Card” in teinak hmuh a duh venak, tutan Idol aa zuamnak lamthluan chung ah a tonmi harnak le lungfahnak kong tete a chim ve.

Kan farnu Nilen a bialeh ning tete zong ah lung a hmui, uar a um tuk. Tuzaan ah teinak hmu hram seh law tihi a miphun hawi kan thlacamnak a si ko. A tangah video kan rak tar. Nilen cu a donghnak lei bik ah bia an hal.

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