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Pakhuku Ah Sianghleirun A Kai Liomi Salai Aung Ling Thang le Mai Merry Lin Cu Motor Nih A Teih Hna

Kan chin mi chungin Pakhkuku ah sianghleirun a kai lio mi Salai Aung Ling Thang le Mai Merry Lin hna cu Motor Cycle in zanlei  7:47PM Hrawngah khan an lawi I mah cu ti lam I an kal lio ah cun a hnung lei in motor pakhat nih a pah hna in Mai merry Lin  cu Alu le a tai le a ttawk ruh a kiah caah Pakhuku sizung pi ah an kal pi colh.

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Salai Aung Ling Thang hi Maths major in a dih cang mi asi I  Merry Lin tu Geography Major in a kum hnih nak a kai lio asi. Cun an I cit mi motor cycle hi KENBO 125 asi. Motor nih a pah hna nak hi Shwe Byaing datsi zuarnak pawng an phak ah khin an hnunglei in motor pakhat nih a rak pah hna hi asi. Mah motor in a pah tu hna motor numbers cu 5J-5678 asi. A pah tu hna motor cu Pakhuku computer sianghleirun hnung lei ah an hmuh. A mawngtu pa hi Pakhuku khua chungah a um mi asi tiah thieh asi.

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Chin sianghleirun bu in hruaitu upa pakhat nih “Mai Merry Lin hi a hram thawkka ahcun mah le mah ttha tein aa theilo. A hliamhma fah deuh caah Mandalay sizung ah an lanh pi. Chin sianghleirun bu nih kan si khawh chungin kan ttan pi hna. Motor mawngtu zong Pohmah 337/338 in Pakhuku khua palik sakhan ah report kan tuah ve. Motor mawng pa nih a motor cu lamkam ah a chiah tak i amah tu cu a zaam caah a motor cu palik zung ah a um ko. Amah cu an tlai kho rihlo. A chungkhar tu palik sakhan ah hren chung an si” tiah a chim.

Ref:Vakok Voice

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