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Malaysia CND ah Jenevy Sui Biangno Mitthli A Luan Mi Kongah A Tta Le Nih Zei Bia Dah An Chim?

Tukum Malaysia CND ah hlasak thiam Jenevy Sui cu Stage cung I hla asak lio ah pa pakhat nih Pangpar pek pah in a ban in a dawh I mizapi hmuh bak ah Jenevy Sui cu a bawk khup ko. Stage cungah cun Jenevy Sui cu a ngaihchia kho tuk hringhran tiah theih dih mi a si ko.

Mah hi kong he pehtlai in pehtlai in Jenevy Sui a ta le hi an lung a fak ngaingai. Cucaah cun, Malaysia CND hruai te hna nih tuanvo an lak lo asi ah cun a Jenevy Sui a tta le pawl hi kan um zawhzawh lai loh hih. Mah ti bantuk in kan Far nu a tuah to ngam tu le a mual a phoh tu hi a hodah asi?, zeibantuk minung dah asi? Cun khuazei khua dah asi? Theih kan duh ngai tiah an chim.

Posted by Christina Lian Lian on Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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