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Benjamin Sum I EGO Band

Laimi/Chinmi hi Music lei ah thanchin kan herh bantuk in atu EGO Bank lutlai le cawlcang tu cungah lawmh a um ngaingai. Tampi Music le hla lei ah kan than chin a herh lio ah suingun chawva le can pek in Music Bank a tuah kho tu nann si hi uar nan um ko. Hmailei hi nan Music Bank pawl hi thancho chin hram ko seh.

Cin Pak
Guitarist – Timothy
Keyboardist – Joe S. Khum
Bass – Atelay
Drum – Lian Lian
Vocalist – Benjamin Sum

Lairam awn-mawi khawvel ah mawizet in par suak rero mi EGO band cu cak zetin ke an kar rero.

Guitarist leh Keyboardist hin 2015, Taungzalat ah studio tuah in an rak ttuan tlang.​ Hla pawl tuah phah in band din tum nak thinlung thawn ke an rak kar.

2018 ah Benjamin Sum thawn an tawng-aw ih LAMZIN timi hla an tuah (Bass – Atelay tla cumi ah an tawng ngah). Cutin LAMZIN keneh thlun in Band an din ih Drummer- Lian Lian sawm in EGO Band tiah an rak ding.

Band hla in hla 1 nak ah “Thlapa” timi an rak tuah. Cuih hnu ah Album pahnih pathum hrawng Band in an tum.

“Band hla 2 nak “123” cu kan tum kan sak kan zuam rero lai. A ra suak cing ding” tiah Benjamin in a sim.

Credit: Awnmawi Zuun

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