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Kum 36 Chung Thong Thlak Hnu Ah Chuahter Ṭhan Mi Pathum😱

 Palh lak ah palh faak cem pawl cu a si ve ṭheu lai. Kum 1983 ah khan Baltimore ngakchia kum 14, DeWitt Duckett timi pa hi sianginn kai ding in ke i a kal lio ah meithal in a hngawng (neck) an kah i a thi. A kaptu an hngal kho hna lo.

 Lunghrinh in Baltimore mino minak (Black), kum 16, minung pathum; Alfred Chassnt, Andrew Stewart, le Ransom Walkins hi 1983 November ah an tlaih hna i 1984 ah biaceihtu nih thih hlan lo thong tla ding in (sentence to life) bia a khiahpiak hna.

 Zahan Nikhatni, November 25 lawng ah hi minak hna pathum hi kum 14 ngakchia pa DeWitt Duckett a thattu taktak an si lo tiah biaceihtu (judge) nih thonginn in a chuahter ṭhan hna. Ngakchia pa DeWitt Duckett a thattu taktak tiah a hmutu (witness) nih a chimmi cu kum 2002 ah khan meithal in an kah i a thi ve cang.

 Sualnak ngei lo bak i kum 36 chung thong an tlaak man hi cozah/biaceih zung nih cei lak a liamh hna hau te lai. Tennessee zong ah Minak ṭhiam McKinney timi pa hi 1978 ah inn bauh le tlaihhrem sualnak (case) in kum 31 thong an thlak hnu ah amah si ṭhan lo an ti i 2009 December ah an chuahter ṭhan ve. Kum 31 chung sualnak ngei lo i thong a tlakmi ah $1 million an liamh.

 Kum 30 renglo thonginn ah caan an hmang nain atu cun phaisa hman an thism ahcun, mirum pakhat an si ve cang lai ti nak si.

Note, The Chin Vioce nih a leh mi kan lak chinmi a si.

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