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Thihdar: Australia Ah Thawng Za Lian Pa Nih Mual A Kan Laim Tak

Apoi hringhran ko. hringtu pa le nih mual vun liam tak hi cu tuar a har hrim mi a si. Kan dawt mi kan kan u/nau Thawng Za Lian pa nih atu bak hi Pathian sinah a kan dinh tak cang ee. A mah hi CBC Khrihfabu chungtel a si.
25/11/2019 zingka 9:38 Am

Royal melbourne hospital cancer zawtnak in a tu bantuk a kan liamtak hi a si.

Tantakmi chungkhar le Khrihfabu chungtel vialte hna CBN nih nan Ngaihchiatnak kan in hrawmpi ‘ve hna. Bawipa nih lungthin daihnak in pe hram ko hna seh.

Tuzan mithi topinak a hmun le caan hmannak:
Acaan: 6:30pm ah thawk asi lai

21 Cooke Ave
Sunshine North

CBN News

Chirhchan: Chin Broadcasting Network

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