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Thutnak A Lawn Liote Ah Min Rak I Pe Zok Ve

Thutnak a lawn liote ah min rak i pe zok ve
Kkung Computer Training Center nih mithar a cohlan cang
– Certificate kan pek.
– Hmun dang ah sianghleiruun a kai i computer cawn a duh ko nain a cawn kho lo mi ca ah caan tha taktak a si.
– Tanngka tampi dih hau loin computer thiam taktak le riantuannak ca ah hman awkthlak tiang in thiam na duh ahcun Kkung Computer Training Center ah rak cawng ve.

– Ka thiam kho lai lo tiin thingphang in um hlah! Na thiam hlanlo, lungsau tein kan in chimh lai i naa thathnempi hrimhrim lai.
– Chan he aa tlak in computer cawnnak hmun a si i fianghlang taktak le zalong taktak in cawnnak hmun a si.
– Cawn a duh mi pohpoh zalong tein min i pek khawh a si cang.

Cawn man: MMK 40,000

– A tanglei langhter mi Cawn ding mi pawl chung ah na duh mi course naa thim khawh!
1. Computer Basic Skill (Computer a tong bal rih lo mi ca ah)

2. Computer General Basic Skill (Computer Basic a thiam cang mi ca ah)
– Video kha MP3 (hla) ah thlen ning
– Windows 7, Windows 8 le Windows 10 hman rawn ningcang
– Computer System Information zoh ningcang
– Computer hman tik ah a fawinak in hman mi cafang pawl hman ningcang
– Software Install tuah ning cang le a dangdang

3. Microsoft Excel a thiam cang ko nain thiam deuh a duh mi ca ah Excel Special Lesson cawn khawh a si.

4. Page Maker a thiam cang ko nain thiam deuh a duh mi ca ah Page Maker Special Lesson cawn khawh a si.

5. Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Excel, Page Maker, Microsoft Office Word le typing (Mirang le Kawl) tibantuk kha riantuannak ca tiang in na thiam rih lo ahcun course i thim in a dang tein cawn khawh a si.

6. Microsoft Publisher Basic Skill

7. Adobe Photoshop Basic Skill

Cawn caan: Nikhatni in Ningani tiang cawn a si
– Zinglei 8:00-9:00AM
– Zaanlei 3:00-4:00 Pm
– Zaanlei 4:00-5:00PM
– Zaanlei 5:00-6:00PM
– Zaan 6:00-7:00PM

Pehtlaihnak: 09-450695627, 09-258861880
Messenger: Salai M. Kkung
A hmun: Pyidawtha, Mucu Sang, Phaizawng lam, Hakha.

Biakilh: Cawn ve a duh ko nain a cunglei cawn caan rikhiah mi ah cawn ding naa relrem lo ahcun a caan kong i ceihmai khawh a si.

Credit: Salai M. Kkung

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