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Accident; Tlanglawng Pahnih An I Su Ruangah Minung 12 An Nunnak A Liam Cang

Apoi kho taktak, India ram ahhin Tlanglawng hi accident a tam ngai nak asi. Bangladesh hi hi bantuk a cang sual hi kan theih pah lengmang. Mipi an tam ve tikah Tlanglawng in khual an tlawn lengmang mi asi ve tikah hi bantuk thil a cang hi a poi ngai mi thil a si. Aruang ah Tlanglawng nih hin mi tlomte a phurh hna lo i, mi tampi an i citnak asi tikah thil a cang sual ahhin minung nunnak tampi an liam tawn.

Tuzing 12.11.2019 ah tlanglawng pahnih hna cu ruah lo pi in Brahmanbaria, Mondobhag Rail Station-ah zing suimilam 3;00 Am hrawng ahkhan an in su sual i, mah khua chung i ummi hna police nih cun a thi in minung pa 8 cu an lak chuah nak kong an chim i, minung an 4 mi hna hliam a tuar mi sizung an phan pi hnu ah an nunnak a liam than tiah an chim. Tu tiang ah minung 12 a thimi an chuah cang hna hi a si.

Nawl ngeitu hna nih cun mi tampi tlanglawng chungah an tang rih hna caah le minung zeizat dah a thi mi an um than rih lai ti hi an zumhnak kong an chim chih. Zei ruangah dah mah hi an i theh/su chan a si hnga ti zong langter mi an ngei rih lo, mipi nih heh tiah an chanchuah hna lio a si.


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