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Hlasak Thiam Jenevy Sui A Nau Nu Olivia Nih Bachelor Of Science Degree A Lak Mi Cu Lawmhpi Tlak Ngaingai A Si.

Hlasak thiam nungak Jenevy Sui a nau nu Olivia nih a sunglawi tuk mi Bachelor Of Science Degree a lak mi cu lawmhpi tlak ngaingai a si. Hi bantuk teinak a hmu mi hna hi asunglawi hringhran.

A U Jenevy sui zong nih a lawmhpi ning le asunglawi ning hi a mithmai a hmangthlak pawl ah hin a lang ngaingai. Nau le nih teinak vun hmuh ahhin cun u le zong siseh, nule pa cinla rualchan vialte tiang lunglawmhnak unak mitthli aluang ko.

Amui zong ia dawh hringhran. A u nu he zohchun hna tikah an i dawhnak iang an i lo cio lo, an mithmai a piang, a panh, a mirh in an mirh ko, unau tha an si mi a langhter, kan i alwmhpi cio hna. Hmailei ah Bawipa nih lamtha in hruai sehlaw kan miphun caah bochanmi rak s ihram ko mu. Lawmhpi nak he… Jenevy Sui nih atang ah a lawmhpi nak.

big big congratualtions and so proud of you
my little girl Olivia ❤️❤️😭😇😇😇😇😇
tu ni cu ka nau nih Bachelor of Science degree a kan lak piak 😇😇😇😇❤️❤️❤️❤️

Credit: Jenevy Sui Facebook

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