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Theatre Round (1) Ah Hmai Kan Suang

Theatre Round (1) ah Hmai Kan Suang
Tutan cu vawleicung hlasakthiam Adele hla “When we were young” timi hla he Theatre Round (1) ah hmai kan hung suang. Kawl kan hawi pawl thinphang in an ummi kha an mawh bak lo. A rumra te a van i dang. Kan nih cu Chin Idol ah Judges pawl hmai a dal kho kan si ca ah siseh, mi a hip khotu awzai kan ngeih ca ah kan thirphang lemlo in ka hmu. Theatre Round (1) ah zaangdam nawn in kan kai kho.

Second comment zawn te kha thin a tur bak. “You need something” tiah kan pu Aung Ko Latt nih a hun kan caak pah. A dik ko. Kan bau mi te a um tak ko. Kan i zuam rih lai kan ti. Mirang hla in kan i zuam mi hi uar kan umnak a si ve. Kan aw hno nih Ring-awn lo tein mi a thlim deng.
Tutan hi Golden Week timi a si i, Myanmar Idol zuamnak ah Golden ticket hmutu dihlak zatceo tluk cu an tla hna. A tlami kan unau tampi cungah kan lung a nuam hrim lo. Si, zuamnak timi cu sunghnak kha cohlan zia thiam a rak herh. Chinmi ai-awh in minung Pathum nih Theatre Round (1) level kan tei.
Sung Sung hi kai tanh khunnak ka rak tial cang. Tlangval hrat cu mu­čĄ¬ Theatre Round (2) zong ah fak piin tha kan pek. Kan tei lai.
Chin Idol in Myanmar Idol ah ­čĺ¬

Credit: Salai Tial Hram Ling

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