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Thawngpang Chia Thihdar: Pa Lal Rin Sang (Kum 31) Nih USA Ah Ruah Lo Tuk In Mual A Kan Liam Tak

Zualko (Mithi Kan Nei)

Apoi hringhran mu. Kum no tuk rih in mual a kan liam tak hi cu tuar a hark o lai. Thihnak cu kanmah nih kan sauh i kan tlai khawh lo bantuk in le kan hrial khawh lo bantuk in thaw a kan petu Pathian sinah a kan dinhtak cang mu. Bawipa nih tantak mi in tuar zia in thiam ter ko hna seh.

Pa Lal Rin Sang (Kum 31), Suahnak: Falam,Chin State
lPa hmin -Tha Cung, Nu hmin -Twe Nawn

Nupi hmin – Nuam Sui
Fa le Unau hnih Francis le Oscar, Suahpi Unau
1. Thang Boih, 2. Lynda Pui, 3. Ezra Lian

Thihni: 10/07/2019 3:30am

Ruakvuinak Program

Ruakvui Ni: Oct. 12, 2019 (Sat)

*10:30-11:00am |Body View|
*11:00-12:30pm |Service|
Louisville Chin Church
6603 S 3rd Street
Louisville, KY 40214

Thlanmual 1:00pm

Pathian in fehsantu innsang, fanau le khuapi paw hnenah hnangam daihnak pek hram seh tiah thlaza kan cam. Chin Pawlpi,USA in poi kan tiin kan riahsiapi asi.

Bawikhrih ah,

Salai David Nun Tho

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