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Lawmh A Um Taktak: Indiana School District 3 Bawmhnak Pek

—————LAWMH A UM TAKTAK——————
🗣 NIET timi bu (National Institute For Excellence In Teaching) nih Federal Teachers and School Leaders (TSL) program in Indiana School District pathum; 1. Perry Township Schools, Goshen Community Schools, le Brown County Schools sin ah kum 5 ca bawmhnak $47 million kan pek hna lai tiah tuchun October 8, 2019 ah thawngthanhnak an tuah. Hi bawmhnak (Grant) hi sayate cachimh ning a ṭhat chin nak ding le siangngakchia ca an thiam khawh chin nak ding caah hman ding a si.

👏 Million $47 an pek dingmi hna ah hin Chin siangngakchia thong 4 renglo an kainak Perry Township sianginn nih $23 million an ngah lai i a taangmi hi Goshen le Brown county cheuh an si lai. Perry Township Schools District hi ralzam le mipem siangngakchia pawl tamtuk kainak school district a si nain sianginn dang tampi naak in an record a ṭhat deuh caah atu bantuk i bawmhnak (grant) tampi an hmuh nak zong a si.
Kan fale ca cio ah ṭhathnemnak a chuahpiak chin tu si hram ko seh. Lawmh a um hringhran.

Credit: Van Ceu Uk Khenglawt

District Awarded Portion of $47 m Grant for Teacher Development

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