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Maw Vawlei Hi Dah!! Minute Second Chungah Hi Zat Minung Thih Manh Hna Mu.

Apoi hringhran ko ee. Mah duh bang cu a si lo mu. Minung hi zat suimilam time ah thih le van san au in thawng kan theih tikah tuk a sum hrim ko. Ngaih zong a chia. Vawlei hi kan khualtlawn nak taktak a rak si ko. Kan khua caan hi a dik ti lo, Accident thawng theih a tam chin ko.

(8 October,2019) Migrants minung 50 an i citmi lawng (ferry) cu apil i minung 13 an ruak hmuh a si cang i, Minung 22 chanchuah an si cang i, minung 15 cu a tu hi an kawl lio hna a si nak kong news.com.au nih cun a chim.

Italian Coast Guard hna chuah overload ruangah an cangsual mi a si tiah an chim. Vanchiatnak a tong mi hna cungah kan tuar pi hna.


—-Man U Sawma

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