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Term Pakhat Hmanh A Dih Hlan Ah Trump Nih A Security Adviser 3 A Phuah/Fired Manh Cang Hna

Trump nih a security adviser John Bolton cu “kan fired!” a ti i, John Bolton nih asilo “keimah tein ka phuah” a ti ve. Ahodah a dik hngalh a si lo. Term pakhat hmanh a dih hlan ah security adviser 3 a phuah/fired manh cang hna i, 4nk hi ahodah a lak tthan lai hngalh a si rih lo.

Trump nih a cabinet in a phuahmi hna or aa phuakmi tete hna hmurka in a lang ttheo mi ka zumh pahmi cu:- Trump hi admin a thiam dawh a si lo. A kuttang riantuantu pawl nih phunglam ning tein riantuanning ding “Memo, paper or briefing tbk an chauhpimi tete zong thate in a rel huam lem lo ti a si. Mahti an chimmi hi, A sinah riantuanmi hna tuletu in an iphuah lengmangmi zoh tikah a dik pah ko lai tiah ka ruah.

Cauk le cafung he phunglam ning tein le ningcang tein admin tleih lem loin amah private business ah boss ttuan phun in a ttuan ahcun midang he riantuantti hi aa harh deuh ko lai. *****

Credit: Za Sang Cinzah

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