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President Trump Birthday Ramdang Mi Lawng Te Nih An Lawmh Pi

President Birthday Ramdang mi lawng te nih an lawmh pi-🤦‍♀️
An ttap an ngaih achia- an lung atling tuk rua!!
Donald Trump 2020💯

Zei ruang ah,ramdang minih Trump an duh hnga?

Atu tan zong ah state kip in -DC ah an ra hna i,Donald Trump Birthday an lawmh pi.

Tu kum USA ithim nak cu President Trump nih tei dawh asi ko hih atu tiang ah cun, CNN news nih hin trump a doh i Fox news nih hin trump adir pi ve-
Minung tam tuk nak ram asi caah media le news nihhin vote tam tuk te ahmuh piak ve hna, cu caah CNN le Fox News hi an bia pi tuk-

Credit: Saisih TlangAu

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