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Bahamas-Ah Thlichia Faktuk In A Hrang Ruangah Mi 30 An Thi Cang

Apoi hringhran ko. Thlichia fak a tho ruangah harsatnak fak tuk in a tonmi hna thawng kan theih tikah lung a fak hringhran. Pathian ni ahkhan Hurricane Dorian hi Category 4-ah kai in suimilam pakhat ah kilometre 209 in 251-ah thawnin Bahamas island hi a hranghnawh hna. Carribean island zong suimilam pakhat ah kilometre 252 thawnin nihnih chung fak taktak in a hrang.

UN relief nawl ngeitu nih cun Bahamas-ah hin minung Sing 7 hrawng hlei tanpi nak an herh tiah an chi mi, abik in inn a hrawh piak mi umnak a ngei lo mi hna, ei le ding ti dingdin le si ia hna an herhnak kong a chim i, bawmh an herhnak a tarlang fawn.

Bahamas Prime Minister Hubert Minnis nih cun Hurricane Dorian lakah an ikhamhnak ding athat nak ding caah tanpi an herh hrim hna nak kong a chim. Ram dang lei zong in bawmhnak le tanpinak an ngei mi hna ruangah lawmhnak bia a chim.

DD News 06.09.2019

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