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CNLD Head Office Hi Chinram Ah Zei Ruangah Dah Kan Chiah Lo?

Atu lio ah CNLD Chinram chungah  zei ruangah dah Zungpi nan chiah lo timi biahalnak le thinlung a tat ngai mi hmuh le theih a si. Cu kong he pehtlai in Pu No Than Kap nih zei ruangah dah cu zungpi cu kan chiah lo nak asi timi fiangternak a rak tuah mi a si.

Ziangah Chin party in Chinram sungah head office a ret lo, timi thusutnak a um ṭheu.

❇️Chin ramkulh sungah CNLD Head Office ret thei hi saduhthah a siko nan, tui dinhmunah, party hotupawl le Office hnaṭuanpawl umnak inn, ei-in hrang zo in ṭuanvo a la ding, timi harsatnak a um.

▪️Hmailam ahcun Chin ramkulh sungah CNLD head Office ret thei saduhthah a si.
Khatlamah, hi thu ah ruat tel ṭul cu,
▪️CNLD cu state level si lo, union level ih din mi party a si bangin, Sagaing, Magwe le Zakhaing le hmun dang dang a huap thluh ruangah, cui hmun pawl cu Yangon ihsin pehtlaih a awl.

▪️Thu ṭul phun phun ruangih Nipidaw feh ṭul can ah Yangon in feh a awl.

▪️Peng kip ih um Chin miphun zaten Yangon ah kan kim thluh tikah, Yangon ah kimten hmuhawk a awl.

✔️Party dang thawn tawn awk duh tikah siseh, politics thu phunphun cozah le ramdang mi pawl thawn reltlang tikah siseh, Yangon hi hmun remcang bik a si.

▪️Party hotupawl ei-in hawlnak cu Yangon ah a si hrih. Chin Ramkulh ah ṭhawn sehla an Ei-in hawlnak ah harsatnak a um thei.

Taktak ahcun,
❎Party dang NUP, USDP le NLD cun Chinram khawpipawl ah Office innpi ṭha zetzet an nei thei zo nan, Chinram neitu Chin party cun Office san ding hawlin kan buai hrih lai. Ziangtitha!

Credit: Pu No Than Kap

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