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Video: 2020 Ah Karen Nih Cun Karen Party Vote Pe Uh: By Pu No Than Kap

2020 i thimnak kongah vote peknak kong he pehtlai in Kawlram chung i party cu cawlcang an timh cuahmah lio asi cio cang hna. Kanmah Chin party zong kan hnu te khan thlanglei ahcun an cawlh cang pah cang i, tu zong Hakha falam siseh,  Yangon lei zongah biatak tein hruaitu i thimnak tete an tuah cuahmah hna lio a si.

Kawlram i tlangcung mi cheukhat zong an cawlh cang pah cang ve hna bantuk in Karen Party hi vote pe uh tiah an forh ve lio hna a si. Hi kong he a pehtlai in an chimnak video zong a tangah Pu No Than Kap nih a kan share mi hmuh khawh a si. Rak zoh cio tuah uh…

✅2020 ah Karen cun Karen party vote pe uh.. #2015 ah ruahsannak sangpi thawn hnamdang (Kawl) party nan pe nan ziang hman an lo tuah sak cuang lo… tin Karen Hriamhrei kai KNU hotu pakhat in a sim lai.

Credit: Pu No Than Kap

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