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Barcelona Le Real Madrid Nih An I Cuh Mi Neymar Cu A Hawi Nu Concert Ah Zei Hmanh Poi Lo In A Um Zer Ko

Atu lio Neymar Jr hi social media kipah a min langter le ceihmi a si. Hi tluk in Bawlung lei ah vawlei pi nih a kong an chim ceih lio piah a tonmi vialte ahhin a thinlung ah a chiah rua lo ti tluk in le zei hmanh ah a rello mi a lo ko.

Paris Parc des Princes a PSG fans hna nih amah thawl doi ding in banner nganpi pi he an duh lo nak an langter lio ah le Barcelona le Real Madrid nih an sin ah luh ding in an i cuh mi an buaipi mi Brazilian forward Neymar cu a hawi nu Paula Fernandes i concert tuah dingmi zoh dingin Portugal leiah a pa he an va kal i, transfer thil kong ahcun a zei hmanh an thinlung a buai hna lo ti a langter ngaingai.

Atu ah ESPN nih an tarlang dingin Spanish Champion Barcelona nih cun Neymar a man €100mil bakah Ivan Rakitic le Philippe Coutinho hna pek chih ding zong in ang ngamh tiah a langter. Neymar hi a rak men hrim lo ko hih. Hi tluk in Barcelona nih an thih hnawh mi hi a ruang cu a um ko.


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