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US Ram I Khuasa Chinmi Nu Le Pa Nih Kan Fa Le Sianginn Kaimi Caah Ralring Le Theih Herh Taktak Mi

US Ram State cheukhat cun sianginn kai thok asi cang. Cu caah Sianginn akai mi hna (School bus flashing red light) khoika hmun hmanh ah adir i mei aihre zawng maw a sen mi maw a hmuh sak asi ahcun na motor na dir piak hrimhrim lai. Zeiruangah tiah cun sianginn akai mi hna an humhim nak ding caah asi. Na fanu/fapa sianginn akai nak School Bus upat piak ahau hrimhrim.

Zeiruangah dah an dir tiah cun sianginn kai aduh mi hna mi an lak-char hna caah asi. Asi loah sianginn in an thlah hna caah asi. Na dir piak hna lai i School bus nih mei sen an ceu mi a dih cang hnu le Stop sign an hmuhsak mi an thumh hnu lawngah na kal kho. Vun chap ka duh mi cu hngakchia hna an biapi tuk hringhren cu caah na fa na zohkhenh bantuk tein midang fa le ca zongah ruahchih peng ahau.

Cupin ah State Police nih an huat bik mi cu mah ka zawn ah hin asi tawn. Nan theih cio bangin mah bantuk phunglam abuar mi cu zeitluk in dah tangka an liam ter hna-Fine an tuah hna timi cu nan theih cio bang asi ko cu caah hngakchia school bus cu upat piak hna usih.

A school bus that is stopped with its flashing red lights and retractable stop sign engaged signifies that children are loading/unloading from the bus. As a motorist it is your responsibility to stop and not pass until the lights have stopped flashing and the stop sign has been retracted.

Credit: CCN


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