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Pu Khua Kung Hakha Ramuk Bawi Kio Mang Fapa Hmurka: By Salai Lung Thli Tum

‘Atu lio cozah nih innhmun samh an timhnak Nawi tiva tlang hrawn ah private pupa ram a um lo, tlangram(zapi ram) lawngte a si. Hakha hrinsor vialte va hal ulaw tlangram a si an ti dih ko lai.”

-Pu Khua Kung( Hakha ramuk bawi Kio Mang fapa)

Hakha ramuk bawi Pu Kio Mang cu Chinram aiawh in 1947 ah Gen. Aung San he Panglong minsen a thu vemi a si. A fapa Pu Khua Kung hmurka ah ‘Hakha taktak lungput ai dawh ning’
fiang tein hmuh khawh a si.

Credit: Salai Lung Thli Tum

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