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Songjoong Ki A Cuaituk ! Song Hye Kyo Nih A Pasal Ca Ding Paa A Thim Tthan Cang

Song hye kyo cu a pasal thin he an ii then hnu in caan rau lo bak in darling a nei colh cang an chim. Tutan ii a darling pa hi amah hrim nih a hlan kanchanh in pasal caading a ttha tuk tiah a rak ruat bal cang mi pa asi tiah an chim . Cun song hye kyo nih a sining vialte cu a chim dih hnu in, cu pa nih cun a poilo, zeipoah konglam ka thei ve dih ko, nain na ka vaak kho ding si ah cun kan lawm ko tiah bia leh ve cang.

Ti hin a chim nak hi Song hye kyo nih an helh hmasa ti nak si lo in, Pa nih a helh hnu ah song hye kyo nih a sining vialte a chim tu kha asi. Tutan ah a rau hlan ah vaa neih ttthan a timh ko lo maw song hye kyo hi tiah an cei leng. Song hye kyo nih cun a tu a duh mi pa hi  a min cu a chim lo nain, Pasal nei tthan kho ding si law zeibantuk pa dah na thimh lai tiah an hal nak ah a chim mi cu , Hi pa ii a nun ning le a sining he ai khat lawng tein a chim ko tiah an chim.

Song joong ki nih hin Song hye kyo nih a chim mi cu a theih nain , Darling a nei cu a theilo kho men tiah an chim. Nain an ii then hlan in a rak zohchih mi minung belte cu an um ko tiah an chim. Tutan biadik le a tak a si lo si cun , song hye kyo cu a rau hlan ah a Hnakru ai hmuh colh tthan ko lai tinak asi.

Credit ; Songsong,FS


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