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Hebrew Nih US A Phak Hnu In A Voi3 Nak Global Chin Rawn Media In A Kan Leng Tthan Cang

Salai lahnin cu nia te ah Malaysia in a ramthumnak USA a phang. A phang hnu in dam tein an phak nak kong cu a hawile sinah an rak chim .cun a voihnihnak ah biatawi te a timeline ah a rak kan thlakpiak tthan .

Malaysia a rak um lio ah khan cun ramkhel kong siseh pumpak khrihfa buu chung ii a hmu ning le a thei ning tete cu i sum duh lo bak in online ah a rak cim ngam peng tu lai pasal ttha  a si. Cun USA a phak hnu zong in USA um mipawl hna ralring nak a pek tthanrih hna.Kan laipa ah cun a mah nih a hman ko a dik ko tiah a ruah mi cu tihnak um lo bak in a chim ngam mi asi.

Tutan zongah a ngan a dam nak le pathian nih a dawtnak cu a hmanthlak bak in a van lang ter tthan .A rau hlan  ah USA chung ii a hmuh ning khrifa buu kong ah siseh ,cun USA um chim mino siseh an chung iii  chim miphung an tlawngleng a hmu h ning pawl zong a van kan chi m tthan ti zum a si .


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