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Zualko; Motor Accident Ruangah Minung Pakhat A Nunnak A Liam

A tuzaan july 13/7/2019 suimilam 9;00pm a tu naite ah khan Pu K.Lalthanpuia- venghlun Taxi No. Mz 083562 cu pathian thlangkhaw tawn hlan deuh Damdiailam ah motor cangsual nak ruangah Sangtea Revenue ah tuan mi cu nunak a liam tiah thawng theih asi. Tu hi hmar ven YMA hna nih Accident an tawnnak hmunah an vah kal lio asi tiah thei a si fon.

A poi hringhrang ko minung kannunak hi zeihman a si lo zia hi , chitkhat menmen ah kan liam ko . Tutan kan unau pa ii tangtak mi han chungkhar  bawipa nih hnemh hram ko hna seh,

Credit ; Liana


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