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Song Hye Kyo Nih Song Joong Ki He Ton A Duh Bak Ti Lonak A Chim

Son hye kyo le song joong ki cu,an nei mi chawvaa kongah voikhat ii ton tthan ding an si nain , song hye kyo nih a duh bak ti lo. Tutan ah a chim mi cu a herh a si ah cun online in cei  ding kan cei cang lai, a tu le tu kanmah buainak ah  ii ton lenmang le mui ii hmuh tthan lenmang a herh ti lo tiah a chim.

Song hye kyo hi song joog ki pa nih cun then hi a duh bak ve lo, a chim mi cu zeizong vialte hi a fapa song joong ki sual asi tiah sual  a phawt dih. Cucu youtube zongah tampi hmuh kho asi. Kanmah kan palh ko, kafapa hi a palh ko tiah voithum tiang a chim .Tutan ah anmah pahnih neih mi chawvaa kong zongah song joong ki pa cu zeihman a holh ngamlo, office zongah zul bal hna lo.

Song hye kyo nih hin a tu hrawnghrang ah hin cun song joong ki hi hmu a duh bak lo, a tutan a chim mizongah hin , kanmah pahnih hi ii hmuh tthan lenmang hi a hau hrim ti lo, a huam zong ka huam ti lo tiah , mipi hmai bak ah a chim. Cu caahan chawvaa kongah  zeitindah an ii tuah te lai an fiang rih hna lo tutiang cu, i cheu ding in an ti ko nain tutiang ah cun an ii cheu kho rih hna lo tiah  an chim.

Source ; lovely hyekyo{Instalgram}


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