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A Nupi Tthen Hlan Ah A Pa Zeihman A Theiter Hmasa Lonak Cu Video Bak A Chim

Song joong ki cu a nupi song hye kyo a thennak kongah mipi nih soisel a ton taktak. A ruang cu a nupi a si mi song hye kyo zong zeihman ruahnak a hal hmasaa lo ii a chim zong a chim hmasa lo. CU hlei ah a pa-zin a si mi song jong-gak hrim zong a chim hmasa loh.

A pa nih a chim mi cu song joong ki le song hye kyo an ii then cu news ah ka hmuh tiah a chim. News chungah ka hmuh tih ah ka lau tuk hrinhrang tiah a chim. Hi ruangah hin song joong ki hi mittha a si loh , nu le pa upat nak a neilo tiah an chim. Cu hlei ah song hye kyo zong a mahhe ai then hi a zei a poi lo nak bik hi asi . Cun song hye kyo hrim nih a nek tuk lai tiah an chim fom. A ruang cu a mah a pa-zin a si mi hman zei thawngpang a theih ter lo mi cu,zei bantuk minung a si kha amah le mah in a lanngter .

Nupi tthen ti hna cu a thli tein tuah kho mi thil le thuhkho peng mi thil zong asi lo ii, a dang thil he zong ai lo loh mi asi. Nupi tthen hna cu minung kan nunnak thil ngan,biapi taktak mi thil asi. Sinain song joong kki nih cun zeihman ah a ruah lemlo nak kha amah tein a langter .Tutan ah video in a chimnak hi Chinese nu nih online in a halnak ah a chim mi asi. Chines nu nih an mah holh in  a hal ii jong joong ki nih korea holh in a let ve. Hihi a chim mi hi mi tampi nih comments in a chim mi pawl kha kan let piak uh tiah an hal lengmang hnu in a tang le ah minung pakhat nih comments reply ah a tawi nak in a rak let piak hna.

Achim mi cu “ka pa  zeihman ka chim hmasa lonak a ruang cu ka chim hmasa a si ah cun caan zeimawzat ruat ta rih ahau lai ii,song hye kyo tthennak kong hi kumkhat le thla 6 chung kan buai caang mi a si ruangah caan sau hngak ka duh ti lo ruangah ka chim hmasa lonak a si tiah a chim”. Hihi a bia an let piak mi ning asi ii ,a dang pawl zong a chim rih kho men nain an let ti lo , a tawifiang cemnak in an let mi a si.

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