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Thihnak Darking ,Rammui Ah A Pe Cuahmah Mi Sayamah Sui Hnem Nih An Kan Liam Than

Pathian thawngtha chim in ram mui ah caan aa pe cuahmah mi chungkhar nubik a simi Sayamah Sui Hnem nih hi vawlei harnak in an kan liam tak cang timi thawngpang kan theih cu kan lung a fak tuk hringhran cio e.Sayamah Sui Hnem cu a pasal mui hmanh hmu ta manh loin celh hrimhrim lo ti asi. July 10, 2019 zinglei suimilam 3:30am ah hi vawlei harnak in an kan liam tak cang tiah theih asi. A thih ah hin a fale ngakchai pahnih te he lawng an um, i an ngeihchiat an celh hrimhrim lo.

hringtu nu nih ruah lo pi in a thih tak tik hna ah a fale pahnih cu an lungfak i an Sayamah Sui Hnem hi Matupi khua mi a si. A pasal hi Baptist pastor a si. Hi hna chungkhar hi Kanpalet peng, Khihtaw khuate ah mission rian a ttuan lio mi. Sayamah Sui Hnem a thih ah hin a pasal cu Mission rian an ttuannak ah a um karlak a si i bia siaherh hmanh i ruah ta manh lo le muihmai i hmuh ta manh loin a dawttuk mi a nupi Sayamah Sui Hnem nih a liamtak hi asi.

A fale zong ngakchia te lawng an si rih, a nu ruak pawng te ah an pahnih in an tthu.Chungkhar pabik a simi Mission rianttuannak hmun i a um karlak ah ruah lo pi in an chungkhar zohkhenhtu a simi nubik nih hi vawlei nunnak in a liam ko cu a pasal caah tuar a har hringhran ko lai. Pathian nih tantak mi a fale pahnih le a pasal zong hnem hram hna seh. Pathian ram caah tiah mission rian a ttuan cuahmah mi an si bantuk in Pathian lila tu nih hnem hram ko hna seh.

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