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Nusal Tha Mai Thin Yu Mon Konglam Tawi, An Chungkhar Hna: Video

Atu lio Chin Miphun caah zoh thlah ngai mi kan far nu Mon konglam tawi le Video siseh, an chungkhar hna zoh khawh a si cang. Abia chim holh rel mi ah upat a tlak hrim ko. Kan Chin miphun caah Nusal tha taktak suttung bang in a kan dirh piak tu asi nak tampi hmuh khawh asi. Kan i lawm. Hmailei zong ah kan zuam piak chin ko mu.

Chin Person of The Year 2019, Mai Thin Yu Mon konglam tawi video slide le sunlawih laksawng cohlannak caah biatawi a chimnak video an si. Atang link hi click te hna.



Credit:P CYONA


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