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Live:YCW Private High School Nih 2018-2019 Kum I Tanghra Awngmi Lawmhpi Nak An Tuah Lio, Rak Bih Ve Uh

YCW Private High School hi 2017-2018 fimthiamnak Cawn kum ah 6D, 5D, 4D, 3D, 2D, 1D tiin a zapi in mi 92 an si ih 60 % in hlawtlinnak an hmuh. Cun 2018-2019 fimthiamnak cawnnak kum ah 6D, 5D, 4D, 3D, 2D, 1D ti in zapi in mi 74 an si i 70% in hlawhtlinnak a hmuh than.

YCW Private High School hi a tu lio ahcun a min a thangmi sianginn pakhat a si. Atu i tanghra awngmi caah tiah an lawmh mi hi lawmphu ngai ngai a si. Sianginn that hi a biapit rualrual in minung hi herh a si ve, cun a thiam hleice mi minung zong um a si ve bantuk in Sayakyi in Saya/mah le siang ngakchia an i zuamnak a phi chuah hi lawmh lo awk a rak tha lo.

2019-2020 fimthiamnak cawn kum zong hi tha deuh chin kalpi an i timh. A kai duhmi nih a dih ding pawl le an onh ni an cohlan ni an langhter cang, Mithar mi caah ting 15 a si lai i, a hlun cu ting 13 a si lai. Sianginn luh ding ni cu 16/06/19 (Sunday) a si lai i, 17/06/19 (Cacawn nikhat ni) ah caw cawn thok thok a si lai.

Pehtlaih Duh mi caah:

Office : 09257531238, 09257438877, 09955046066

Sayakyi James Dar Ro Thang : 095046066

Live in lawmhnak an tuah lio zoh khawh a si cang hih.

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