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CYONA Convention Ah Cabuai Pakhat Ni Hnih Chung A Um Lai I Mah Ahcun Hlut Khawh Si Lai

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2019 CYONA convention ah mah project tuah kho ding in Chin Youth Organization of North America nih an kan awnh caah kan i lawm tuk. Tutan Give with Kindness project i kan i tinhmi cu kan thil ngeihmi a tha mi tete chiah sawhsawh loin laitlang kan unau hna caah san tel a tlai hnga maw tiah aa thawkmi a si. Mah project hi kan mah tein thawkmi a si i sponsor tibantuk pakhat a um lo.

Zapi hlutmi vialte Give with Kindness project min in laitlang ah kuat a si lai i organization, family le pumpak tibantuk in a duh mi, nan theih mi a um ah cun theih ter nak tuah khawh kan si. Tutan 2019 CYONA convention ah cabuai pakhat ni hnih chung a um lai i mah ahcun hlut khawh si lai. ***A ni 1nak 2nak tbk cu kan thanh than te lai.

Upa hngakchia thil theng ti a um lo, a dihlak tein kan cohlan. Thil lawng si loin cauk, bag le ngakchia lente celhnak tibantuk zong kan cohlan. Zuun khat hnih te si zong ah kan cohlan thiamthiam.

Nan hawi le nan chungkhar cio sin zong ah rak kan chimh piak cio uh. Nan kan bawmhnak cung ah kan i lawm tuk.

Tulio donation cohlang tu hna:
• Te David‘s mission trip

Contact info:
Elly Biak Chin Ṭial
Blessing Bawi Hnem Par
Ni Pangpar

Kan i lawm.


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