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Chin Christian University Nih Mipi Caah An Thil Tuah Mi Cu Lawmh A Um Tuk

Chin Christian University sianginn Hakha nih Mipi caah thahnemnak ding le zawng ruahnak he Chanthar Digital Library (Etetkatho) cu hmang khawh a si cang nak kong a kan thanh mi cu lawmh um tuk hringhran. Mah hi kan hawi kom kan chungkhat hna cu thanh cio le sawm cio hna uhsih. Halkha ah mah bantuk in thiltha a kan tuah piak tu hna Chin Christian University an cungah lawmh a um hrim ko. Kan mipi nih hlawhpi nak ngei hram hna seh. Hmailei CCU zong than chin ko seh.

Na Phone in siseh, Na computer in siseh
Fawi tein ca (a thong in)rel/kawl na duh maw?

Chanthar Digital Library (Etetkatho)
Chin Christian University ah kan hman cang.

Kan Leng Ve Hrimhrim.

Ref: CCU

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