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Zualko: Pu Sui Ceu Nih Thisen Cancer In Mual A Kan Liam Tak.


Hming : Pu Suicheua
Kum : 80
Thih hun : june 10, 2019″3:00am
Thih chhan : Thisen Cancer
Vui hun : June 10,2019′ 2:00pm
Group : ‘E”

Letpanchaung mihlun, letpanchaung khua leh tui tana mi țangkai tak Pu Suicheua chuan tukin ( june 10,2019 ) ah natna zawng zawng kalsan in chatuan ram min pansan ta. A kalsan tak a chhung leh kuate Lalpan awmpui mawlh rawhse. R.I.P

REF: Sailai Laimi

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