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Nihin MP Election Hruaitu Driver Pa A Nunnak A Liam

Tu Lio MP Election i 20/25 – Chamring Polling Party hruaitu driver Tv. Benjamin Lalfakawma, s/o Lalngailiana, Lumshnong, Meghalaya cu nizan (10.04.2019) Suimilam 10 hrawng khan Chamring lei in leng a chuak i a umnak theih asi lo hnu ah khua le pawngkam nih an kawl i nihin (11.04.2019) chun suimilam 12 hrawng ahkhan a Sumo mawnh lio MZ 06/ 4630 he Chamring le Hmuifang kar lak hmunthur thletnak pawngah accident a si tiah an hmuh chuah i an hmuh lio ah hin a nunnak a rak liam cang tiah an chim.

Benjamin Lalfakawma hi a hliam a fak tuk caah a hmun ah a thi cawlh i a si lai tiah an chim.


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